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They contend the footage falls within the definition of "reports of criminal investigations," which are exempt from the state"s public records law.
The pricey polling is taking place as state officials contend with a projected $2 billion deficit in the coming budget.
He contends that the officers involved in five shootings this year gave voluntary interviews lớn investigators, but federal justice officials said they weren"t immediate statements.
There are tantrums, nguồn struggles, sleepless nights và runny noses to lớn contend with, so it"s important to take things slowly when children are involved.
I contend the biggest problem is that each business has too few people looking after the whole of the business.
Some conservatives, however, contend that enforcement of nutrition standards in school meals is not an appropriate role for the federal government.
But thành phố officials contend that as bad as the situation seems, there is some, well, light, at the end of the tunnel.
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in tennis, a serve (= a hit of the ball that starts play) that is so strong & fast that the other player cannot return the ball

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