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Exercise 3: Find and correct the mistake in each sentence.

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1. This is the most beautiful place I ever visit.

2. This time next week they will sit in the train on their way to Paris.

3. I came late to class. When I entered, the teacher writing something on the blackboard.

4. They will have English from nine to ten in this room. Don"t annoy them then.

5. I made cakes. That"s why my hands are covered with flour.

6. It is raining hard. We can"t do anything until it stopped.

7. She had got into her shoes, put on her coat and went to the door.

8. What tune had they played when we came in?

9. That evening we stayed up to talk about the town, where he has lived for a long time.

10. I haven"t seen her since we leaved school.

11. Coming into his room, he found that someone broke into it.

12. It always rains when they had just cleaned the windows.

13. The last time I saw him, he wore a black suit.

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14. This is the talking between two friends who had just met up each other.

Exercise 4: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Last night, we (watch) television when the power (fail).

2. When we came in, they (prepare) the meal for us.

3. There (be) many changes in our village in the past few years.

4. Think carefully. I"m sure you (remember) his name.

5. After ancient Greek athletes had won a race in the Olympics, they (receive) a simple crown of olive leaves.

6. They (build) that bridge when I (be) there last year, they (not finish) it yet.

7. I (search) everywhere for the pen I (lose) yesterday.

8. "What you (do) at the moment, Ann?" "I (pack). I (catch) a plane to London tomorrow morning."

9. Since I left Venezuela six years ago, I (return) to visit friends and family several times.

10. When my parents (arrive) for a visit tomorrow, they will see our baby for the first time.

11. Don"t worry. I (finish) the report before 10 o"clock.

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12. I"ll return Bob"s pen to him next time I (see) him.

13. "I (go) out to buy a morning newspaper." "But it (rain) now. Why don"t you wait until the rain (stop)?"