Guest Là Gì

a person who is staying with you, or a person you have invited khổng lồ a social occasion, such as a tiệc ngọt or a meal:

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a person, such as an entertainer, who has been invited lớn appear on a television or radio programme or in a performance:
Warm weather is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria — an unwanted guest at any cookout or picnic.
Foreclosed houses around the country have been colonized by stray dogs, rats & other uninvited guests.

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If a person, especially an entertainer, guests on a programme or show, they are invited to appear or perform on it:
a person who is staying with you in your home, or a person whom you have invited to lớn a social occasion, such as a tiệc ngọt or a meal:
The important thing is not to force guests, if they vày not feel lượt thích it, khổng lồ speak of what they have seen.
One factor in the group consisted of celebrities, a combination of talk-show guests and politicians.
Whether the "guests" are who they say they are or not, all of them know that they are not expected lớn be polite.
On the arrival of new guests, a general jockeying & rearrangement of seating took place in accordance with age precedence.

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Moreover, some institutions require their guests to lớn acknowledge them, even providing the proper formula.
Often the local groups sang, danced & cooked for celebratory functions, in welcoming official guests of local dignitaries or in political celebrations.
He needed also to maintain socially & emotionally comfortable circumstances for his guests by preserving harmony among a notoriously quarrelsome group of people.
In fact many directors, instinctively appreciating their bogus status, have them "played" by some of the tiệc nhỏ guests letting their hair down.
Local notables và guests of honour were fetched in procession, khổng lồ witness the worship of the deities.




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