Let Q Be Your Guide Through Complex Cultural Conversations

The Q stands for questions. With a no topic is off limits approach, our thoughtful guides help you navigate the complex intersection of faith and 21st century culture. With our 15+ years of expert interaction, research analysis and commissioned talks on complex cultural issues, we provide you the knowledge and approach to lớn better engage difficult conversations.

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Educate yourself lớn think well about important cultural issues from a biblical worldview. Gain insight into the conversations & ideas shaping our current culture. Lead your family & friends to navigate our complex & confusing cultural moment. (1 User)


Educate your staff & key leaders on the most important cultural issues for this moment & the season ahead. Spark meaningful conversations lớn discover together how you can engage these topics & better lead the people you serve. (10-24 users)

Church Leader

Equip & inform the adults & students throughout your church utilizing Q Talks and Courses in small group gatherings và public settings. Provides access lớn our church-wide culture engagement training and access khổng lồ the Q national conference. (25+)

What lớn Expect When You Subscribe lớn Q

Access khổng lồ hundreds of world-class, concise 9 và 18 minute talks delivered by respected thought leaders and change makers on a plethora of topics. From science, theology and the arts, to politics, business, truyền thông and education, we’ve curated the best of Q’s library of nội dung and personalized it to lớn your interests. Subscribing khổng lồ Q will inspire you daily as you gain the insight và courage lớn lead right where you are.

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Curated with Convenience in Mind, Because Your Time Matters

You are busy being a good leader, friend, colleague, parent và spouse. As the chaos of culture speeds by, Q curates the best thinking on the issues you care about most. Whether listening while on the go or viewing talks on your handheld device, from the living room or the board room, Q is a consistent companion on your journey khổng lồ think well and advance good.


Initiate Important Conversations with Your Family

vày you want to lớn have thoughtful, informed conversations with your children on marijuana, social media, sexuality and other difficult topics? Q serves up the conversation and discussion questions for you. You don’t need to be the expert, just the guide as you process openly with your children topics often considered in isolation.

Expose Your Teams khổng lồ Biblical Thinking on Current Issues

You don’t need khổng lồ be the expert on every difficult subject. With new data, research and content streaming from every direction, Q filters what you need to know & serves it up how it helps you most. You can count on Q khổng lồ delve into the difficult issues, provide multiple points of view, & help you land on what can be trusted.

Inspire Your Friends khổng lồ Lead Where They’ve Been Called

If you are a Christian who needs to lớn stay in the know about current culture, Q is your solution. When people trust your opinion, listen to your advice & expect you to lớn be one step ahead of the issues facing them, Q is your trusted repository of relevant content. Encouraging you on how to be a faithful presence right where you have been called is our number one priority.

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Equip Your Entire Church on how khổng lồ Engage Culture

With 80% of church attenders wishing their pastor would better help them navigate complex social, political và cultural issues, Q can be your partner in your mission lớn equip and disciple. Through playlists, courses & hundreds of talks on a multitude of topics, we help you facilitate robust conversation và learning throughout your entire church. Whether through small groups or live simulcast events, Q gives you the best in class education your people deserve.

Courses that Reset Your Thinking và Inspire a Proven Approach to lớn Cultural Change

Our clip courses provide foundational thinking for any Christian serious about using their talent khổng lồ faithfully engage culture in their industry or new start up. From entrepreneurship và learning the basics of Christian worldview, to lớn strategies for loving your neighbor well, our simple courses allow you to lớn lead your family, friends or small group khổng lồ a deeper place of real life application và create the foundations necessary to lớn faithfully engage culture.