We all need khổng lồ make a habit of book reading. Here are a few essays on My Favourite Book in 200, 300, 400, 500, và 600 Words. These are very easy and simple to lớn learn for all students. You can find a useful one for yourself.

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Essay on My Favourite Book in 200 Words

The book is the best friend of humans. It never leaves us. It always helps us to get better by heart và knowledge. The best place to lớn get the knowledge is a book. Because of encouragement from my teachers & my parents, I have been a huge book lover. 

I love reading books. I have a big collection of books. I mostly love to read books based on science. It is my favorite topic. I have read lots of science fiction. My favorite book is ‘Frankenstein’ và it’s science fiction.

When I read this book for the first time, I was amazed & stunned. The writer Mary Shelley had an amazing imagination power. This book tells the story of a scientist named Victor Frankenstein, who created a hideous sapient creature by his unorthodox experiment.

The entire story is based on that ‘creature’. This book is full of suspense and thrill. I have read it three times and watched the movie too. It is amazing & mind-blowing. This book was published in 1818.

The author Mary Shelley is an astonishing writer who has written tons of beautiful books. I suggest this book khổng lồ everyone. You should read it if you have not. I am sure you will love this.


Essay on My Favourite Book in 300 Words


Book reading is a very good habit that everyone should build. It helps lớn build confidence, gain inspiration, và motivation. I am a book lover and I read books. I have a small library in my home. I suggest everyone read more and more books. 

It is the best way to learn something new. We can travel the entire world through words written in the books. There are a few books that I really like, Harry Potter is one of them. Actually it is my most favorite book ever.

My Favorite Book:

Harry Potter is a fictional story series authored by British writer J. K. Rowling. She is an excellent writer. I am really surprised lớn see her imagination level. I have seen the movie series of this book too. That was mind-blowing.

The story is fictional and different. It’s all about a wizard world. Hermione Granger & Ron Weasly are my most favorite characters in this book. I love the ‘Goblet of Fire’ most. This chapter is amazing. I love other chapters too, but this one seems special to lớn me.


Overall I have been a huge tín đồ of J. K. Rowling after reading this book. This fictional fantasy book has earned a huge amount of money. This book was loved by young people mostly.


You should read Harry Potter if you have not yet. This is an amazing novel to lớn read. I suggest this lớn everyone. If you love reading fictional stories, then you will become a fan of this series. Though there are not so many educational things in this book it was entertaining.

Essay on My Favourite Book in 400 Words


I am a book lover & I love reading books. My favorite genre is Motivation. I have read tons of books that have motivational content. Among them some books are amazing. Và today I am going khổng lồ talk about a book that I really like. This book’s name is ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’.

My Favourite Book:


The Magic of Thinking Big has been authored by David J. Schwartz. He is an amazing writer và wrote an amazing piece of the book. Before starting any business, you must read this book khổng lồ grow your mentality.

This book taught me lots of lessons and that’s why I love it so much. I have read a few other books too authored by the same writer but I found this one the best.

Motivation is a highly important thing in our life to lớn get success and this book will take your motivation on a peak và you will get lots of inspiration to lớn start something new and fresh.

Reasons Why It is My Favorite Book:

Let’s talk about the reasons why it is my favorite book. There are some important lessons that this book teaches me, that’s why it is my favorite book. The first reason is, it creates a belief inside you that you will start believing that you will get success for sure.

This is a huge mindset for any entrepreneur who is in an early stage. There are so many excuses that we make before doing anything. When you will read this book properly you will stop making these nonsense excuses.


You will become a more dedicated person to your work. Hopefully, it will destroy all of your fear & will give you lots of confidence to bởi vì something new. Creativity is a huge asset for doing something. You will get better creativity power và will be able to lớn visualize all of your plans in front of your eyes.

You will learn how lớn manage the environment around you và you are exactly that person who you think you are. I think these are some amazing lessons that a person can get in his life. And it will help to lớn grow better in a positive way.


I am suggesting this book to lớn read for everyone. People of any age cấp độ can read and understand this amazing book. It helped me khổng lồ make my confidence cấp độ high.

Essay on My Favourite Book Quran in 500 Words

Essay on My Favourite Book in 600 Words


Books are our best friend & they never leave us. That’s a huge truth that I can realize. I am a passionate book reader và I love to read lots of books every week. We have a family library and my father helps me to lớn collect & buy books.

I have read tons of amazing books, but there are some special books which have taken my heart away. Today I am going to lớn talk about my most favorite books ‘Robinson Crusoe’. This book has always been a different thing for me and I am still reading it again và again. There are lots of lessons to learn from this amazing novel.

My Favourite Book:

My favorite book Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe và it first published on 25 April 1719. A very important thing to cảnh báo is that this book is 300 years old, but the nội dung and storyline are still feeling amazing khổng lồ the new generation of readers.

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This book contains a story named a person ‘Robinson’ who lived on an island for 28 years. He fell in a ship accident & lost everything. Then he found a boat to drive to lớn the nearest island. It was a huge island.

He made his own kingdom there. He collected his food by taming animals và growing some crops. He became a permanent member of the island. Some day he faced something brutal & different. He found a man was naked brought khổng lồ the island by some cannibals.

He rescued the person and gave him the name ‘Friday’. Friday became his partner but he was also a thành viên of cannibals. That’s why Robinson kept him outside of his tent.

Then Friday became the partner of Robinson and they both made the island an amazing place for themselves. In the end, a ship came to lớn their island và there was lots of adventure và stories that will make you feel thrilled.

Why bởi vì I like This Book?

There are so many reasons that are why I lượt thích this book. The first reason is it teaches me about life và reality. I get very serious when I read this book. I have read it almost 4 times và am still reading it again.


What Did This Book Teach Me?

This book is a huge learning for me. For the first đôi mươi years, Robinson was living there all alone. And that time he managed lớn survive because of his intelligence, courage, & dedication. That’s a huge learning for me.

It teaches how khổng lồ keep yourself focused when you are alone & under lots of problems. This story is about how a man creates his own reality. When Robinson found Friday và he became the best companion for him.

He taught him language, religion, and overall civilization. Including all these things this book is like a teacher to lớn me. It helps me to understand lots of harsh reality.

My Hobby Book Reading:

I have made reading my hobby. I never waste time. I love lớn read books when I am không tính phí or spending leisure time. I think everyone should get this habit. It is very important và essential to lớn building a better knowledge base.


We can learn different types of things by reading books. My hobby is reading & I always read books. I have a huge collection of different types of books.


Book reading is a huge thing that we all should be up to. It helps us to travel through words by staying in the same place. We all need to lớn build book reading habits lớn make our imagination nguồn stronger.

10 Lines Essay on My Favourite Book

1. Book reading is a very good habit because it helps us khổng lồ improve our personality và make us mature.

2. Some books are priceless và they teach us some amazing lessons.

3. My favorite book name is ‘Robinson Crusoe’. This is a world-famous book written by Daniel Defoe.


4. This book was written 300 years ago, but still now people read it with the same love and interest.

5. It has so many lessons khổng lồ learn. The patience of Robinson is amazing.

6. It teaches us how lớn survive when none is around you and you are alone.

7. This book could be a life guide for yourself.

8. Robinson spent 28 years on an island all alone.

9. It is a story about how a man struggles against all the odd things in life.

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10. I love reading this book again & again. If you have not read this book yet, then you should read it today.


How bởi I write an essay about my favorite book?

Make a shortlist of your favorite books first. It’s better to pick vị trí cao nhất 10 books first. Và then write which book has what types of impact of your real life & on your thinking. That’s how you will come with your favorite book. Và then write what this book taught you & be able to teach the same someone else. 

Why is Harry Potter My Favourite book? 

It is a very amazing fiction that was loved by millions of young people in the world. There is a movie series too based on this story. I love this book because of its mind-blowing story and few interesting characters.